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Mundell-Huangda Prize presents

Posted on September 13th, 2007

Six excellent young economics scholars are awarded the 3rd "Mundell-Huangda Prize" by China Financial Policy Research Center of Renmin University of China on 10th September at Run Run Shaw Conference Center of RUC.

Prof. Ji Baocheng, president of RUC, Prof. Robert A. Mundell, 1999 Nobel Economics Prize laureate, Prof. Huang Da, China''s celebrated economist, Prof.Wang Chuanlun, the chairman of Mundell-Huangda Prize award committee, attend the ceremony and present the award to the winners, who, in the eyes of the award committee, show outstanding abilities to apply modern economic research method to explore and analyze significant fundamental theories as well as realistic issues in China¡¯s developing process.

Mundell-Huangda Prize has become China''s famous nationwide economics academic prize while obtaining more and more international influence. Its forerunner is "Mundell-Huangda Prize for outstanding doctorate dissertation", beginning in 2002. Mundell-Huangda Prize was established in the name of Prof. Mundell and Prof. Huang Da. The award committee consists of nearly all the distinguished authoritative experts of China''s economics field. This is the third time that Mundell-Huangda Prize has been carried out, and up to now, 15 people have been granted with this honorable prize.

After the presentation ceremony, two Nobel Economics Prize laureates, Prof. Mundell and Prof. Phelps, make speeches to all the audiences who attend the presentation ceremony.