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Mundell-Huang Prize


Mundell-Huang Prize on Economics was founded by FRC in December, 2002 and awarded every two years. It was named after Robert A. Mundell, “the Father of Euro” and a Nobel Prize winner, and Professor Huang Da, a well-known financial economist, Honorary Chairman of China Society for Finance and Banking and pre-president of Renmin University of China.

The predecessor of this prize was “Mundell-Huang Prize in Outstanding Doctor Dissertations”. The selected papers should be focused on the edge-cutting research of economics, having both theoretical and practical significance. Most of them are close to or on the international leading level with the application of international standard methods and unique ideas. 

Requirements of the papers 

  • 1)  Papers submitted should be PhD thesis that have passed thesis defense in the past two years and are recommended by the author’s universities or supervisors.
  • 2)  Papers must be innovative and have both theoretical and practical significance.
  • 3)  The research should be edge cutting and produce breakthrough results in the related fields.
  • 4)   Paper submitted is expected to show the solid theoretical foundation and systematic knowledge of the author in his/her fields.
  • 5)   Papers written in foreign languages should be sent along with a Chinese version. 


Evaluation Process and Awards.

The review panel, invited by China Financial Policy Research Center, will evaluate the papers.

  • 1. Anonymous evaluation will be adopted to select 3-5 best papers. Winners and their supervisors will be awarded certificates issued by China Financial Policy Research Center, along with RMB30,000 and RMB10,000 respectively.
  • 2. Winners will be invited to participate the China International Finance Forum and high-level seminars organized by China Financial Policy Research Center.


How to Apply?


The submission package should include:

  • 1. Written paper (A4 size print version) and abstract of the paper (in both Chinese and English);
  • 2. Soft copy of the paper in a CD;
  • 3. Original application form (in duplicate).


Submissions should be mailed to the address below:

Room 816, Mingde Main Building, Renmin University of China No.59 Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing100872 P.R.China


Contact person: Li Qin, Feng Huijuan

Tel: 86-10-8250-9290

Fax: 86-10-8250-9289



Previous “Mundell-Huang Prize” Winners

The First “Mundell-Huang Prize” Winners (2003)


Affliated Organization


Bu Yongxiang

Peking University

Qing Wanshun

Ying Long

Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Xie Ping


Renmin University of China

Yuan Wei

Yuan Xinghou

Xiamen University of China

Zhang Xin

The Second “Mundell-Huang Prize” Winners (2005)




Zheng Zhigang

Peking University

Zhang Weiying

Zeng Shihong

Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Science

Yu Yongding

Zhu Dantao

Peking University

Wang Mengkui

Liao Chuhui

Zhongnan University of Economics and Law

Yang Canming

The Third “Mundell-Huang Prize” Winners (2007)




Zhang Yan

Peking University

Zou Hengfu

Zhou Qing

Renmin University of China

Chen Yulu

Bian Zhicun

Nanjing University

Fan Conglai

Jia Junxue

Renmin University of China

Guo Qingwang

Feng Qiaobing

Research Institute for Fiscal Science, Ministry of Finance

Jia Kang

Zhu Yun

Shanghai Jiaotong University

Wu Chongfeng

The Fourth “Mundell-Huang Prize” Winners (2009)




Fu Wenlin

Nanjing University

Shen Kunrong

Qian Zhengjie

Tsinghua University

Bai Chongen

Zhang Yang

Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Hu Yijian

Yao Bing

Fudan University

Jiang Boke

Huang Juan

Renmin University of China

Hu Naiwu

Gao Xiaohong

Renmin University of China

Zhang Jie

The Fifth “Mundell-Huang Prize” Winners(2011)




Fan Ziying

Fudan University

Zhang Jun

Zhang Huaiqing

Graduate School of the People's Bank of China

Cheng Siwei

Zhao Wenzhe

Renmin University of China

Lu Di