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Mundell-Huang Lectures

Mundell-Huang Lectures on Economics

Mundell-Huang Lectures series was set up in 2001 jointly by the School of Finance and the China Financial Policy Research Center (FRC), which is the principal base for humanities and social science research of China Ministry of Education.

Robert A. Mundell and Da Huang have both won high prestige in both domestic and international academic fields for their achievements in the study of economics and finance. Robert A. Mundell is a professor at Columbia University, Honorary Doctor of Renmin University of China. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in economic science for his analysis of monetary and fiscal policy under different exchange rate system and his analysis of optimum currency areas. Da Huang is a well-known Chinese financial economist. He is now a professor in Renmin University of China, Honorary Director of FRC and Honorary Chairman of China Society for Finance and Banking. He is one of the founders in modern financial research and education in China.

To set up a bridge of academic communication between China and the rest of the world, the Lecture invites famous economists worldwide to present their cutting-edge research.


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